Catalyst: Founders

October 7-10
San Francisco, CA


Catalyst: Founders will train and develop a range of entrepreneurs within the Revolve community. All participants will be either in the early phases of starting a business or accelerating growth of an existing venture. Participants will facilitate learning experiences based on their expertise, as well as learn new skills they need to take next steps in their venture. Session topics will be a combination of what participants’ request, and what participants offer. These topics may include: building a website, developing your social media presence and branding/marketing, working the network: attracting new clients & community partners, setting up the proper legal entity, and much more! During their time at Catalyst: Founders, participants will have space to network with one another with a mission in mind: to build skills, find mentors and mentees, and become part of a supportive community. After the retreat, we will also host a space online for people to post specific questions or ideas, and get advice from the Catalyst: Founders community.



Have you started your own venture and are looking to grow? Are you ready to start your own venture and want more guidance? Join us for Catalyst: Founders! We are seeking entrepreneurs who are ready to dive in to hands-on skill building and strategic growth to help lift you to the next stage of your venture. Our gathering is for those who are ready to run their own entity, take risks, and hustle as well as for those who are well versed in the hustle and would like more support in growing their business.


  • July 15: Applications due
  • August 8: Applicants notified of their status
  • August 17: Registration due


  • Gathering Begins: Friday, October 7, 3:00pm Pacific
  • Gathering Concludes: Monday, October 10, 11:00am


With a passion for education, dark chocolate, and changing the world, Rebecca Haskell recently started up her own education consulting company, Just Design Consulting. Rebecca was born and raised in the center of innovation, progressive ideals, and tie dye and is excited to bring you all to her stomping grounds to show you where ideas become reality. Rebecca was first inspired to start her own business from her mom, who was on the forefront of opening cutting edge medical clinics across the North Bay while she was growing up. Rebecca’s lifelong passion is in supporting and facilitating meaningful teaching and learning for both adults and kiddos. She has served as a Kindergarten teacher, instructional coach, curriculum designer, and assistant principal. Her studies at Boston University and Columbia’s Teachers College, as well as her career in education, have taken her to live in and explore countries across the globe. Rebecca currently sits on the board of three Bay Area education nonprofits. Rebecca is excited to partner with Joe to coach and provide you with as much support as possible to grow your venture!

Joe Holberg likes to break status quo systems and rebuild them. He’s currently trying to break the financial industry by building Holberg Financial, a company that is educating and changing the way young professionals and millennials think about money. Previously he built Google CS First, a global program designed to engage women and minority students in programming and computer science. He is active in the philanthropy space as a founder of a scholarship fund and a board member of a non-profit that empowers low-income families with tax services and financial coaching support. He reads. A lot. As an avid Michigan alum, he runs through the streets of Chicago yelling: Go Blue!


Locations and Accommodations

Catalyst: Founders will take place in multiple locations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Lodging will be provided at Hotel Whitcomb, a historic hotel in SoMA.


Travel costs will be reimbursed for travel to and from the San Francisco Bay Area.

Getting to the hotel:

Directions from SFO (30 min): Take the Pittsburg/Bay Point (yellow line) train into San Francisco. Get off at Civic Center/UN Plaza Station. Walk southwest on Market St. toward 8th St for about 2 minutes. The Hotel will be on your left.

Directions from OAK (50 min): The Oakland airport rail line is a connection to the actual BART, so at the airport, there will only be one line to get on. When the connector meets with the actual BART, you will take either the Dublin/Pleasanton – Daly City (blue line) OR Fremont – Daly City (green line) train into San Francisco. Get off at Civic Center/UN Plaza Station. Walk southwest on Market St. toward 8th St for about 2 minutes. The Hotel will be on your left.


More information coming soon!

Participation Fee

Participants will be responsible for a $100 participation fee.

Packing List

Catalyst:Founders will be a casual affair in both an indoor and outdoor setting. Because we are hosting this retreat in the heart of San Francisco, we will do a lot of walking to and from session venues while we are here. Therefore, one of the most important items to bring is a good bag/pack to carry your daily goodies in and comfortable walking shoes. While you are here, you will want to pack what you will need for the day, because you likely won’t have the opportunity to run back to your room to grab things.

Some of the venues we will be at will be start-ups and some are so gracious to have members of their staff hosting sessions or giving us tours. Who knows, we might even encounter some influential people here… Likewise, we will have a photographer with us for part of the time, so be sure to bring whatever special outfit(s) you want to showcase. As a result of both of these things, we will want to make sure we are presentable.

You should plan to bring:

  • Your laptop & charger (we hope to share all of our resources virtually and will give you work time throughout the weekend)
  • Business cards & any promotional material for your venture, if you have it
  • Good Bag/Day Pack, a backpack or bag you can carry easily with you from place to place
  • Comfortable shoes good for walking a bunch
  • Toiletries
  • Towel
  • Rain Jacket/Umbrella, just in case
  • A warm layer – it can get cool in the evenings and we have some outdoor activities planned even after the sun sets
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Workout Clothes – there will be opportunities to go for a run or do yoga before/after sessions
  • Clothes you’d wear for “a night on the town”
  • A notebook and something to write with (if you normally use a notebook) – Sandals or flip flops

Catalyst: Founders begins on Friday, October 7, at 3:00pm Pacific, and concludes on Monday, October 10, at 11:00am.


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