Catalyst: Jew

October 11-14

Asheville, NC


Can a people be unified if they are not uniform? (And does it even matter if Jews are unified?) Find any two Jews and they’ll have at least six different understandings of what being Jewish means. Whatever your definition, it probably includes the importance of questioning. This richness means we need to do the work to define where among our multiple identities Jewishness fits. Our premise for Catalyst: Jew is that beneath these braided ideas of Jewishness, many of us are apologetic about being Jewish. We are borrowing one framework for Jewish identity exploration by REALITY staple Avraham Infeld called The Five-Legged Table. Join us in community as we hole up for 3 days in the mountains during Sukkot near Asheville, NC to play and wrestle with these concepts (and perhaps reject them), clarifying how we individually manifest our Jewishness: how we unapologetically Jew.

Application Questions

1. What, if any, is your Jewish affiliation? What has your Jewish life been like? What else would you like to share with us about your identity as it relates to Jewishness?
2.Why do you want to come to Catalyst: Jew?
3.OPTIONAL We may have room for a limited number of plus-ones. If you would like to include someone important in your life as a participant in this Catalyst, please use this space to tell us about the person, the relationship, and why you want to bring them to Catalyst: Jew.


Marion Katz and Abe Katz