Catalyst: Restorative Justice

November 8-10, 2019

Phoenix, AZ


Our Catalyst idea is based around the theme of restorative justice through the lens of both relationship and community building. Restorative justice is a form of rehabilitation that connects the offender to the victim and the community. Restorative justice, and the tools and skills that come from understanding the concept, extend far beyond the criminal justice system – it is a tool and implementation device that can be used in classrooms, workplaces, and communities. Through the implementation of a “time-in” structure and “circle groups”, our Catalyst will be focused on relationship building in regard to how to defuse situations and conflicts. Participants will grow their knowledge and leadership in several topics, including: the school to prison pipeline, circle keeping, and community building.
Then, taking the tools and skills needed for restorative justice, to take a more proactive approach in diffusing conflict. We will also examine the implications that can occur both between one-on-one relationships and a full system when restorative justice techniques are not used.

Application Questions

1.How do you define justice?
2.What is your relationship with conflict? (If you are stuck, here are questions to consider: How do you approach conflict professionally vs. personally? Explain a time when you experienced conflict that has challenged you to grow.)
3.What do you hope to bring to Catalyst: Restorative Justice? What do you hope to take away from Catalyst Restorative Justice?


Erica Gordon and Sierra Stone