Catalyst: Kaddish

August 4-6, 2017
Baltimore, MD


Loss is a part of life. Making sense of loss and death is a thread running through history and tradition. In Judaism, our obligation to gather a minyan, or group, to say Mourner’s Kaddish reminds us that we are not alone. Similarly, Catalyst: Kaddish brings a community together to hold one another up and learn more about the Jewish traditions and beliefs surrounding death.

We will journey into nature to support one another and reflect on our own beliefs surrounding death and loss. We seek to process grief but also to create joy. As The Dinner Party project says, “We believe in thriving… not just surviving. We will not avoid the pain, but we will also seek out the joy. We will see each other through our worst days and use them to create our best days.”

Catalyst: Kaddish will be a small gathering (20-30 participants).



This Catalyst deals with deep themes of human existence and spiritual persistence. As these themes are universal, so too is the audience. We imagine this Catalyst will be especially useful to those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, however, anyone should be able to benefit and contribute meaningfully to the experience.

This Catalyst is suited to Revolve community members…

  • who enjoy the outdoors
  • who feel comfortable with intensive reading, writing, and discussion experiences
  • who are interested in learning more about Jewish philosophy, religion, and culture.


Applications are now closed.


Liv Augusta Anderson is a writer and improviser who lives in Minneapolis and serves as the assistant director of a YWCA Minneapolis early childhood program.

Eric Canosa lives in Atlanta, GA and divides his time between his day job at Emory University, his tutoring non-profit Mind Bubble, and his writing career.


Location & Accommodations

Catalyst: Kaddish will take place near Baltimore, MD.


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More information coming soon.

Packing List

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Catalyst Community

Before, during, and after their gatherings, Catalyst participants will share about their gathering with the whole community. Check back soon for photos, reflections, wireframes, and other documents from this gathering!