Catalyst: Sex

November 2-4, 2018
Memphis, TN


Sex. Salt N Pepa wanted to talk about it, self-help books from the 70s begged you to find the joy of it, and certain politicians aim to regulate any aspect of life that has to do with it. And yet, despite the universality of sex and sexuality (second only to death in the “human experience”), there’s still a stigma around discussing it openly, even among your best friends (i.e. the Revolve Community). No more. Catalyst: Sex will lay the groundwork for all of us to explore sex as it relates to Judaism, politics, and ourselves. Have you ever wondered what the Old Testament says about same-sex relationships? How to make sure that you’re consistently living out your personal and Jewish values in your romantic and/or sexual encounters? The impact, often devastating, that regulating and politicizing sex and sexuality can have on marginalized populations? Whether you still blush at the word “scrotum” or regularly start up conversations about Fallopian tubes with your bank teller, you’re bound to find thoughtful discussion and a safe, fun space to explore these issues- and more- at Catalyst: Sex.



Ideal participants would come into the space with specific questions related to sex, such as their personal or spiritual relationships with sex or their work with sex-related social justice issues. Similarly, great participants will come into the space with something to share, such as a great sex-education curriculum, a narrative about reclaiming sexuality from a sex-negative environment, or rich spiritual insight into how sex operates in spiritual spaces.


Kyle Shook (REALITY ‘13) lives in Madison, WI and is a second year graduate student in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. They are currently completing a graphic novel as their thesis. They will not miss Wisconsin after May, but the cheese has been nice.

Nicole Collins (REALITY ‘13) lives in Mission, South Dakota and works for the Rosebud Sioux Tribe’s health administration in maternal and child health initiatives. She’s also an adjunct professor at the tribe’s college and has her MPH. She can’t eat gluten and knits up a storm.


Location & Accommodations

Catalyst: Sex will take place in Memphis, Tennessee.


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Packing List

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Catalyst Community

Before, during, and after their gatherings, Catalyst participants will share about their gathering with the whole community. Check back soon for photos, reflections, wireframes, and other documents from this gathering!