Catalyst: Spark

July 21-23
Denver, CO


We have this community of passionate innovators, but for many of us, there’s still a chasm between our passion and action. This catalyst is about harnessing the power of our incredible community in what comes next. Our community has brought together some of the smartest, most passionate, most engaged changemakers in the country, and we want to maximize your potential by helping you turn your “big ideas” into actionable “next steps.”

Whether it’s a small scale endeavor in your classroom or a large scale endeavor starting a nonprofit or running for office, how will you take your own theory of change and put it into action? In terms of social justice, advocacy, and empowerment, how do we harness this talent and fire? This weekend will lead participants through the process of reflecting on their leadership values, fleshing out their theory for change, and combining these two facets to help your vision for tikkun olam become a…Reality.

Catalyst: Spark will be a larger gathering (40-50 or more participants).



Participants on this Catalyst should come with an itch they want to scratch. This itch could be an afterschool program they have a vision for, a community group they want to implement, or an idea for a killer startup or nonprofit. People on this Catalyst should come with an idea, big or small, that they can see impacting the world in a positive way, and brace themselves for having that idea discussed, challenged, etched out for details, and ultimately implemented. We seek all social justice-oriented changemakers in any profession.



Applications are now closed.


Nicole Collins is a public health grad student with big dreams and bigger hair who loves buffalo wings and hates the patriarchy.

Jenny Maenpaa is the Founding Executive Leadership Coach at Forward in Heels Executive Coaching. Forward in Heels empowers badass women who want to excel at what they do, stand tall, and own their self-worth so they can light up the world. Jenny lives in New York City and moonlights as the personal assistant to one Kitty Monster.


Location & Accommodations

Catalyst: Spark will take place in Denver, CO.


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More information coming soon.

Packing List

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Catalyst Community

Before, during, and after their gatherings, Catalyst participants will share about their gathering with the whole community. Check back soon for photos, reflections, wireframes, and other documents from this gathering!