Revolve community members live and work all around the world. While we can’t always be together in person, we can come together and collaborate online. Host a Digital Program to convene Revolve community members around a topic of shared interest!

Digital Programs might include:

  • Weekly Torah study
  • Community of Practice for community members in your role or industry
  • Book or article group
  • Accountability buddy group for community members with a shared goal
  • Ongoing connection points for Catalyst participants

Revolve will provide access to digital collaboration tools like Zoom, and consultation with the Program Managers to help you design your Digital Program. But the form and structure of the program is up to you!

Have an idea for a Digital Program?

Past Digital Programs

Jewish Genetics

On September 20, 2016, Revolve hosted a digital conversation on the importance of genetic testing in the Jewish Community. Samantha Greenberg (REALITY Global 2012), who obtained her masters in Genetic Counseling at University of Michigan after completing two years with Teach For America in Tulsa, OK, brought the idea for this Digital Community to Revolve. She was joined by Hillary Kener from JScreen.

Hillary Kener from JScreen speaks to the Revolve Community about Jewish genetic screening

Revolve alum Samantha Greenberg shares information on Jewish Genetic Disorders in Adults, such as BRCA gene mutations