Camping trips. Creative retreats. Shabbat dinners. Gather Grants provide funding for all the creative ways you want to bring the Revolve Community together.

What are Gather Grants?

We are no longer accepting Gather Grant proposals for 2017. Check back in 2018 for more opportunities!


Gather Grants encourage Revolve community members to get together in small groups. The experience can be local, but does not have to be. The goal of Gather Grants is to encourage community members to create memorable experiences for each other, and build and strengthen relationships within the community. Examples include:

  • Professional Development in your city with a speaker and lunch
  • Weekend retreat to reconnect
  • Day of volunteering with dinner
  • Hiking trip


The Details

Funding will be granted on a rolling basis. You can expect a decision within about a week of your submission. Each application should center around a high-quality experience for Revolve community members. A few key points:

  • These grants should help you create awesome get-togethers. They can be informal or more structured, but they’ll help bring the community together.
  • A minimum of 4 Revolve community members must attend for funding to be awarded.
  • As with all Revolve programs, Gather Grants is reimbursement-based. You should keep your receipts and submit them for reimbursement after the event takes place.
  • Non-Revolve participants can attend these events, but they won’t be included in the headcount that determines funding.
  • In order to fund as many proposals as possible as equitably as possible, we may offer partial funding and discuss the right budget for your idea.
  • Grants cannot fund travel. Funds are intended to be used on items such as food and accommodations that enhance the experience of being together.


  • One-day experiences: $50/Revolve member
  • Overnight experiences: $250/Revolve member