Camping trips. Reflective retreats. Shabbat dinners. Gather Grants provide funding for all the creative ways you want to bring the community together.

Gather Grants are designed to support your creation of mission-aligned memorable experiences for Revolve community members and to build and strengthen relationships within the community.

Funding is available up to $40 per person, for a minimum of three Revolve community members. Funds are granted on a rolling basis (we review applications approximately once a week, so expect up to 5 business days until you hear back). That said, if you live too far away to bring 3 Revolve community members together, or require more funding than $40 per person, please contact the Leadership Team to discuss your idea: We would love to help you think this through, and we might be able to help you access additional funds!

Gather Grants are reimbursement-based. Keep your receipts and submit them for reimbursement after the event takes place. Funding will only be provided to gatherings that take place after they have been approved; funding will not be applied retroactively. Once the event is completed, Revolve organizers submit a story of the event along with at least one photo to share with the community and our partners.

Grants are designed to provide programming opportunities to community members. Your event can be open to participants outside of Revolve, but funding will only be allocated toward Revolve members in attendance. Grants should be used on items such as food, activities and accommodations that enhance the experience of being together; however, funding cannot cover the cost of travel. Due to our status as a fiscally-sponsored network within a 501(c)3, grants cannot be applied toward political activity and cannot be used toward fundraising expenses.

We may offer partial funding. We’ll help you think through the right budget for your idea in order to fund as many proposals as possible as equitably as possible.

If the number of attendees dips below three Revolve community members, or there are other major changes to your plan, please contact the Revolve Leadership Team as soon as possible. Reimbursements are provided based on the original content of your application.

Explore other sources of funding, too. If you are applying to host a Shabbat dinner or other Jewish gathering, we encourage you to register your event with On average, One Table dinners are awarded $15 per person toward food and alcohol costs.