Revolve is a community united by shared commitments to social justice, to tikkun olam, and to each other. We are the grateful recipients of the investment of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, whose vision for a connected community empowered to change the world animates the next stage in our development.

We came to this community through the REALITY experience. Launched in 2009, “REALITY empowers exceptional young people to realize their leadership potential through an immersive personal and professional development journey through Israel grounded in the Jewish charge to repair the world.” We explored our own values, we discussed what it means to be a leader, and grew in our own convictions about the change we need to see in the world and all the many ways we are called to create it.

In 2015, as our community entered into its seventh year of existence, the Foundation turned the keys over to us to take the REALITY Edu alumni community into its next stage of development. At REALITY Restart in February 2015, over 100 community members joined together to collectively imagine the future of this new organization. We discussed and made recommendations on structure, program, communications, governance, and vision. We elected a Transition Team, made up of community members tasked with refining and executing on those recommendations, as well as hiring a professional leadership team. In November 2015, the Transition Team formally handed off operations to the new leadership team, three professionals who serve as structure builders, conveners, and activators for the community.

We are now over 550 leaders and agents for change all around the world, creating a community for ourselves that serves as a home base, a push out of our comfort zones, and a source of inspiration and growth.

Thank you to the Transition Team & former Leadership Team members!

Josh DeMoya, Transition Team 2015/16
Ross Heyman, Leadership Team 2016/17
Kristin Macapagal, Leadership Team 2018
Nikki Matters, Transition Team 2015/16
Aaron Miller, Leadership Team 2016/17
Shayna Mora, Transition Team 2015/16
Julie Oxenhandler, Transition Team 2015/16
Jill Rodde, Leadership Team 2016/17
Sarah Schonberg, Transition Team 2015/16