Is Revolve a part of the Schusterman Family Foundation?

While we all continue to be members of the Schusterman Family Foundation alumni family, Revolve is an independent enterprise: we hold the keys to our community. Six part-time professional staff make up the leadership team, charged with setting and executing the vision and direction of the community. They are supported by the Advisory Board, an advisory (non-governing) board whose members contribute their expertise in fundraising, strategic planning, community building, and non-profit management to enhance the overall functioning of the organization.

Revolve is a designated fund of the Tulsa Community Foundation.

What's the difference between the REALITY experience and Revolve?

After returning from the REALITY journey and joining Revolve, you’ll experience the same radically deep conversations, the same invigoration from being together, and the same grounding in Jewish values and values-based leadership development. Our events include activities and traditions we’ve come to value as a community.

On the journey, we were recipients of top-notch programming; after the journey, the onus is on us to to create our own programs and events for the community. As a part of our Spirit of Reciprocity value, our programs and events are all peer-led and designed.

How does Revolve communicate?

We send out newsletters and emails approximately twice per month. If you’re not already on the mailing list, sign up now! All of the latest announcements and information live on our website, so you can rest assured that if you’ve checked out this site, you’ve got the latest details!

Can I access the Schusterman Foundation's #MakeItHappen grants and other funding sources?

The Schusterman Family Foundation has a few initiatives and programs, including #MakeItHappen grants, that are available to REALITY Alumni from other REALITY journeys. This funding isn’t available to Revolve community members, because we have our own source of funding here in the community.

Revolve offers opportunities to secure funding for events throughout the year; you can learn more about this by check out our Gather Grant program.

Who is a member of the Revolve Community?

Anyone who participated in the Schusterman Foundation’s REALITY Revolve journey (or, if you attending the journey before 2015, it was probably called: REALITY Israel, Leadership, Pro, McKinsey or Global). Anyone who has participated in one of these education-focused REALITY experiences is a member of the Revolve Community.

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